campaign kickstarter: The State of Real Estate

Chocolate Littles from Admints & Zagabor.

Key Stress Reliever from Ariel Premium Supply.

Therma-Grip Oven Mitts from Bay State Specialty Co.

Architect Plan and Blueprint Carrier from Brave USA.

Get clients to sign on the dotted line with real estate-themed products

The United States real estate market has had a slow recovery since the recession, but consumers are finally interested in buying again—which means realtors and property managers need to start attracting them.

Not sure which products are hot in 2014? We did some research and came up with the following results.

Do you know a great way to sweeten a real estate deal? With actual sweets. Try the Chocolate Littles from Admints & Zagabor, which are available in a box with a four-color, all-over imprint. Other fill options are signature peppermints, cinnamon Red Hots, spearmints, jelly beans, gum, sugar-free mints, candy stars, candy hearts, mini-tarts or colored bullet candy. For more information, visit

Because dropping your life savings on a house can be stressful, make sure your real estate clients bundle the literal key to the house with this Key Stress Reliever from Ariel Premium Supply. The 4.875×2.25×0.75″ stress reducer features four possible imprint areas: 0.875×1.5″ on either side of the handle and 2.5×0.5″ on either side of the stem. For more information, visit

New homeowners need more than a keychain from their realtor. They need something to make their new home feel homey, like Bay State Specialty Co.’s Therma-Grip Oven Mitts. The 7×10″ oven mitts are available in one solid color and three plaid options. A 3.5×3″ imprint area is available. For more information, visit

Keep top-secret plans under wraps with Brave USA’s Architect Plan and Blueprint Carrier. This USA-made carrier holds documents up to 4.5″ diameter, includes an 8×2″ horizontal or 3.5×4″ vertical imprint, and is available in 25 color options. For more information, visit

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