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Brass Bullet Space Pen from Fisher Space Pen.

3 pcs. Adult Fun Kit from RFG Line.

Kodiak Boots from Neet Feet Inc.

Subway Umbrellas from Rainkist Umbrella.

Happy New Year! After a month-long wait, Kyle is back with more entertaining write-ups about some of the neatest promotional products on the market. Enjoy.

Fisher Space Pen
With the ability to write upside down, under water, through grease, in extreme temperatures and on any surface, you can take the Brass Bullet Space Pen from Fisher Space Pen anywhere. Except maybe the airport. For more information, visit

RFG Line
The 3 pcs. Adult Fun Kit from RFG Line comes in a mesh bag and includes a water bottle, a flying disc and a beach ball. Oh … THAT kind of “adult fun.” I was thinking of something completely different—talking about politics over a game of Trivial Pursuit. Now that’s some adult fun. For more information, visit

Neet Feet Inc.
Remember when Jessica Simpson released that “Boots Were Made for Walking” cover? Man that was terrible. Not like the Kodiak Boots from Neet Feet Inc., which are awesome and classy and amazing and don’t at all remind you of the slow, grinding death of popular music and culture in general. (Remember, America, decorate boots, don’t use them as a scapegoat for your ill-conceived cover songs.) For more information, visit

Rainkist Umbrella
The Subway Umbrellas from Rainkist Umbrella are like GPS units, but better: They work underground when I’ve got no 3G service AND they keep me dry in the rain. Now if only Rainkist also made Subway Parking Lot Umbrellas—I’ve been walking around out here for three days and I still can’t find my car. For more information, visit

Kyle A. Richardson is the editorial director of Promo Marketing. He joined the company in 2006 brings more than a decade of publishing, marketing and media experience to the magazine. If you see him, buy him a drink.

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