mystery product: Mightier Than the Sword

Hulo pen (Item #356) from Hub Pen Company.

The digital market has overhauled traditional ways of getting things done. Long-form handwritten notes have taken a backseat to emails, texts and direct messaging. And instead of thumbing through the pages of our favorite book, we have our face buried in a … Kindle?

Don’t panic just yet—even technology has a weakness. In fact, one little piece of kryptonite can be found somewhere in your office space (unless you work with a bunch of kleptos). If you need further evidence, this item ranked second in total promotional product sales in 2011, according to a PPAI study.

Want in on the action? You’re in luck because it’s this month’s mystery product. Check out the following clues to guess this item:

  • It has chrome accents.
  • It features a raised dot trim.
  • It is available in fun bright colors.

mystery product revealed

A new Caribbean cruise line was looking for a fun pen to leave in the guest cabins that complemented its sleek, modern design and tropical color scheme. Hub Pen Company’s Hulo pen (Item #356) was selected for its bright sorbet colors and funky futuristic style.

The cruise line’s website along with the simple message “Escape to the islands!” were imprinted in bright white, which tied in with the pen’s raised white dot grippers.

At the end of the cruise, guests received their own pen and a “report card” to rate their experience. The cruise line reported a higher participation rate than before it had started giving out pens. One frequent cruiser remarked that having the pen with them was a constant reminder of the good time they had had and a subtle impetus to return for another “escape.”

About Hub Pen Company:
Boston has been described as the “Hub of the Universe” and the same holds true for the Hub Pen story. From Frank and Rita Fleming’s humble beginnings in Boston to the one hundred million pen annual operations of today, Hub Pen has grown to serve an ever-increasing national and international market. For more information, visit

Elise Hacking Carr is executive editor/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

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