Pro Towels Etc. Changes Name to Pro Towels

Pro Towels Etc., a leading towel supplier located in Pittsburgh, announced that it is changing its name to Pro Towels.

“With every change, there is opportunity,” said Brian Porter, vice president of sales at Pro Towels. “Pro Towels is a name synonymous with quality, excellent service and setting trends. In the industry we are already referred to as Pro Towels, this name change and rebranding just makes it official.”

The new logo and corporate identity will coincide with the streamlining of the name and will enhance the company’s brand image. “We’ve kept visual elements that reflect our heritage but we emphasized a more contemporary look and feel that will resonate with our customers and others within the industry,” said Stephanie Protz, director of marketing at Pro Towels. “New branding will begin immediately and will be fully implemented in all facets by the beginning of 2013.”

The previous logo was created in 2006 and has served the company for more than six years. During that period, Pro Towels has expanded its product offering and increased its value and relevance to its customers by adding larger inventory and decorating facilities on each coast. Pro Towels will continue to offer a full line of products that include towels, blankets and robes.

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