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Maverick Aviator Sunglasses from Leed's.

Circle Flexible Magnet from Evans Manufacturing.

4x6" Adhesive Beveled Notepads from Bic Graphic.

Silver Plated Horse Award from Minya International.

In light of December’s Buyer’s Guide issue, these promotional products will have to hold you over until our January issue. Don’t worry, Kyle’s wit will return soon—bigger and better.

The Maverick Aviator Sunglasses from Leed’s have a sturdy metal construction and come with a drawstring carrying bag, but that’s not why I love them. I love them because they let me dress like my favorite character from Top Gun—Iceman. For more information, visit

Evans Manufacturing
Spontaneous idea for a third Ace Ventura movie: He talks to plants now! What, you want plot details? Um … someone steals Dan Marino’s favorite autumn mums and … cue “all righty then!” and … Okay, truth time: Script outlines aren’t our strong point. Just get the Circle Flexible Magnet from Evans Manufacturing, okay? It’s made in the USA, available in 15 different colors and way more lucrative than our “brilliant” screenplay ideas. For more information, visit

BIC Graphic
INARGUABLE FACT OF LIFE: “Bevel” is a strangely beautiful word. (Something to do with its syllable structure maybe?) SECOND INARGUABLE FACT OF LIFE: There is nothing strange about the beauty of Bic Graphic’s 4×6″ Adhesive Beveled Notepads. (Custom and stock shapes, bright colors, cool-looking slanty bevel effects.) For more information, visit

Minya International
If we learned anything from the Godfather, it’s that nothing sends a message better than a horse’s head. Motivations, threats, threativations, whatever you want to say, you can’t go wrong with the Silver Plated Horse Award from Minya International. For more information, visit

Kyle A. Richardson is the editorial director of Promo Marketing. He joined the company in 2006 brings more than a decade of publishing, marketing and media experience to the magazine. If you see him, buy him a drink.

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