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Do Not Disturb Door Hangers from ColorFX Inc.

Hotel Key Cards from Pilgrim Plastics.

Pedova Luggage Tag from Leed's.

Full-Color Printed Napkins from Carlson Craft.

Help clients reach their sales destination with top-notch travel products

The Go-Go’s were totally onto something when they released the title track “Vacation” off of their 1982 album of the same name. (No, it wasn’t the synchronized jet skiing—it was the longing for summer, the need to “get away.”)

Unlike Belinda Carlisle, your need to get away probably has nothing to do with a boy, but if you’re running from stress, drawn to sandy beaches or both, sometimes it’s just nice to escape.

According to The U.S. Travel Association, the travel bug is spreading. Direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $564 billion in 2011, while numbers reached $249 billion on the business-travel side. This is excellent news for resort and travel product distributors.

Interested in generating revenue within this highly profitable market? Here are some ways to boost your hospitality-themed promotions.

Only Daryl Hall can make a disturbing lyric sound romantic. Of course, we don’t really want our “every move” being watched (and certainly not while vacationing). Help your customers reduce the creep factor with Do Not Disturb Door Hangers from ColorFX Inc. Simply place the item on the outside doorknob to keep housekeeping at bay for added privacy, comfort and sleep. For more information, visit

Remember the days when you had to use a real key to get into your hotel room? We didn’t until watching an old episode of “Beverly Hills, 90210” (ʼ90s style). Hotel Key Cards from Pilgrim Plastics make the unlocking/locking-up process much easier. The white vinyl plastic cards measure 2-1⁄8×3-3⁄8x.030″, include a magnetic stripe and are compatible with many hotel key card systems. For more information, visit

Any traveler’s worst nightmare is getting the “We know you’re in Florida, but your luggage somehow went to Arizona instead” phone call. While this can’t always be avoided, make your luggage easy to track with the Pedova Luggage Tag from Leed’s. The tag holds a standard business card and clearly displays personal information for picking up your luggage (or having it delivered). It features an adjustable metal buckle strap for extra security. For more information, visit

Elise Hacking Carr is executive editor/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

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