mystery product: Pin It?

Contour Clip from Badgetec.

Major organizations are deep in the throes of planning for 2013 trade shows. Some are concerned with traffic and providing value to both exhibitors and attendees. Meanwhile, others are focused on preserving their business attire when meeting industry peers. Let me explain.

Lanyards keep name badges visible and in place, eliminating any risk for damage to delicate fabrics worn to impress, but they aren’t handed out at every trade show or conference. Sometimes, attendees are given traditional pins, adhesives or buttons. Nobody wants their suit or blouse marred by tiny holes. This month’s mystery product can help.

Check out the following clues to guess this item:
• It is reusable.
• It is safe for children.
• It uses a new mechanical principle to prevent clothing damage.

mystery product revealed

New York-based Badgetec’s new plastic clothing-attachment for visitor passes and badges replaces traditional pins, adhesives and bulldog clips. Health care facilities, hospitals and nursing homes have special issues with adhesive passes and badges for identifying visitors because of the large number of visitors and their health-related environment. Even though adhesive labels are frequently used as passes and badges, they produce a serious housekeeping problem as they end up stuck to floors, walls and doors. If the pass is unable to be attached to the person’s clothing, visitors cannot be identified for authorized entry.

Badgetec has developed a new low-cost attachment that slides onto garments like a paperclip. The Contour Clip uses a new compression principle for attaching to garments so there are no holes or damage to the fabric. The new Contour Clip is flat and opens at one end (like a paperclip), and slides over the edge of ones garment (on the collar, lapel, etc.). It is smooth and made of soft polypropylene with no sharp edges or sharp points. It compresses the fabric over a much larger area than metal clips, which have thin edges or sharp teeth. The Contour Clip has a post that attaches through the slot in the name badge instead of the usual plastic badge holder, letting the pass be attached directly to the individual’s garment with the clip.

Elise Hacking Carr is executive editor/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

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