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Group President/Publishing Director

Editor's Notes

By Nichole Stella

About Nichole

Nichole Stella is the Editorial Director of Print Professional magazine, the publication for the distribution and manufacturing of printed products and Promo Marketing magazine, the source of product and marketing information for distributor sales professionals.


Mike's Blog

Michael Cornnell
My 10 Most Popular Blogs for 2013
Jan 3, 2014

From the best in comic-con giveaways to making fun of the government, here are the 10 most popular blog posts...


Kyle Richardson
Looking Forward to 2014
Jan 2, 2014

The end of the year always brings exciting and important announcements, and that's no different for us at Print+Promo....

HR Gone Wild

Heather McCloskey
Did You Know that Joe Got a 5% Pay Increase—I Looked in His Employee File!
Aug 13, 2013

What if confidential information contained in an employee’s file is seen by someone who is not supposed to see it,...

Planting the Seeds for Success

I recently had the pleasure of presenting to a group of high school seniors, making their final push at getting into the college of their choice and mapping out plans for their major and eventual career path. Essentially, these “kids” believed that they needed to decide their entire future right then and there at 17/18 years old.  Read More >>

Fix It. Achieve in Spite of It. Or Quit.

I have a dear friend who spends much of her energy complaining about the same issues over and over again without taking action to improve the situation. After countless conversations covering the same matters, she kicked into her normal rant on the phone with me.   Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Added Dimension

I was having my coffee and reading the morning’s investment news when I came across an article regarding 3-D print, which directed me to another article and then another. While I was already aware of the pockets of the day-to-day impact this technology was having in health care, manufacturing, etc., I hadn’t really given much thought to the potential sweeping change that the investment world is hanging its hat on in search of the “next big thing.”  Read More >>

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The Many Faces of Print

The other evening I came across an old episode of the Six Million Dollar Man and, heck yea, I watched it. A couple quick points I must note after re-watching an old childhood favorite: Number one, if Steve Austin were busy being bionic today, the show would surely be called the Six Billion Dollar Man and he’d be equipped with some cool bionics never dreamed of in 1976.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

The Starbucks Economy

Back in 2009, I wrote to you all about the Starbucks Index; the SBUX is an “everyman” indicator of how the economy is faring. But why? Because buying that piping hot cup of eye-opening deliciousness every morning comes at a cost.  Read More >>

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