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Group President/Publishing Director

Editor's Notes

By Nichole Stella

About Nichole

Nichole Stella is the Editorial Director of Print Professional magazine, the publication for the distribution and manufacturing of printed products and Promo Marketing magazine, the source of product and marketing information for distributor sales professionals.


Leaders Look Up

Ryan T. Sauers
Your Brand is Visible in Your Email Address
Aug 11, 2015

Have you ever thought about where a person's email address comes from? Does it have something to do with his...

Lights, Camera, Promotion!

Brittany Hahn
The Worst Part of Waking Up
Apr 27, 2015

If you're a caffeine addict, there is nothing joyous about getting out of your cushy bed to cope with the...

Mike's Blog

Michael Cornnell
A One-on-One with Top Distributor Boundless Network
Jun 2, 2014

Ranking #19 on Promo Marketing's Top 50 List, Black shares his thoughts on the future of the industry and what...


Kyle Richardson
Looking Forward to 2014
Jan 2, 2014

The end of the year always brings exciting and important announcements, and that's no different for us at Print+Promo....

HR Gone Wild

Heather McCloskey
Did You Know that Joe Got a 5% Pay Increase—I Looked in His Employee File!
Aug 13, 2013

What if confidential information contained in an employee’s file is seen by someone who is not supposed to see it,...

Keep It Simple

I was sitting in a meeting the other day. We were discussing a potential new launch, how we would bring it to market, who the audience would be, how the project would be monetized, who the key team members were, etc.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Freedom and Dignity

I read an interesting article about management and leadership on LinkedIn recently. The article, posted by John White, enterprise account executive at SKYBEAM, was one that I am sure all of us could relate to on some level.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Taking Time to Reflect

OK, so, I still watch Grey's Anatomy. After countless break-room romances, plane crashes, ferry accidents, marriages and divorces, I'm still hooked. Between all of the melodrama, I find there is still a message that will get me thinking.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Defrosting the Economy

With one of the harshest winters on record coming close to an end-we East Coasters can only hope-the economy has felt the sting of the weekly snow and ice storm hits.  Read More >>

Pay It Forward

During one of our recent Philadelphia blizzards, I was driving along an unplowed road and accidentally hit a curb. After throwing out a couple of choice expletives, I thought to myself, "Gosh, I hope I don't get a flat tire because of this."  Read More >>