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Tips and strategies for owners and top executives.


Books on Business Management

  • Hiring & Managing for the 21st Century Print Shop

    Hiring & Managing for the 21st Century Print Shop Learn the approaches the industry leaders use to find and keep the best employees in sales, production, managerial, and support staff — practical, proven solutions,...

  • Frontline Supervision Primer

    Frontline Supervision Primer Graphic arts supervisors face a vast array of managerial issues every day. Beyond its look at the traits, roles, and dilemmas faced by supervisors, this...


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executive perspectives : Risk and Reward

PPR0715_ExecutiveP_Suncoast July 2015

Whether crossing the street or going against the herd, taking risks is part of our daily routines. How a person responds to these risks, however,...

The Value of Butting Out: How to Stop Micromanaging

June 23, 2015

With the explosion of social, mobile and cloud platforms, the way we work has radically changed. Information is no longer buttoned up in emails...

mind your business : Lead from Need

June 2015

The most successful CEOs in the world know that to get the best out of employees they must coach and empower them to greatness. As...

executive perspectives : For the Love of Print

PPR0615_ExecutiveP_Shacklett June 2015

Casual observers look at print and see ink on paper. We, with our trained eyes, however, see a narrative taking form through targeted messaging, stunning...

executive perspectives : Through the Years

May 2015

Ahh, the '90s—a simpler time when like, you know, Hanson was a household name, video guides were a thing and AOL was king. And,...

mind your business : Indispensable, Irreplaceable You

April 2015

Influence is more than just having a great idea—it's about understanding and being able to carefully navigate the environment and relationships needed to get...

executive perspectives : The Perfect Fit

PPR0415_ExecutiveP_Greenbury April 2015

A fresh batch of college graduates will soon go their separate ways in pursuit of new opportunities—the perfect job, a nice ride, food that isn’t...

executive perspectives : Be Our Guest

PPR0315_ExecP_Henderson March 2015

Atlanta is more than just another anchor city for Bravo's Real Housewives franchise. It's an urban music hub, the epicenter of southern hospitality and home...

executive perspectives : Choose Your Adventure

PPR0215_ExecP_Giles February 2015

A lot has been said on the art of selling. It's a topic that some aspiring entrepreneurs frantically Google, hoping to find all the...

executive perspectives : In Command

PPR0115_ExecPerspectives_OBrien January 2015

There's an old theory about the print industry: You're either born into it, or you find it by accident—like James O'Brien did. During his...