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Tips and strategies for owners and top executives.


Books on Business Management

  • Hiring & Managing for the 21st Century Print Shop

    Hiring & Managing for the 21st Century Print Shop Learn the approaches the industry leaders use to find and keep the best employees in sales, production, managerial, and support staff — practical, proven solutions,...

  • Frontline Supervision Primer

    Frontline Supervision Primer Graphic arts supervisors face a vast array of managerial issues every day. Beyond its look at the traits, roles, and dilemmas faced by supervisors, this...


RSS More On Business Management

mind your business : Indispensable, Irreplaceable You

April 2015

Influence is more than just having a great idea—it's about understanding and being able to carefully navigate the environment and relationships needed to get...

executive perspectives : The Perfect Fit

PPR0415_ExecutiveP_Greenbury April 2015

A fresh batch of college graduates will soon go their separate ways in pursuit of new opportunities—the perfect job, a nice ride, food that isn’t...

executive perspectives : Be Our Guest

PPR0315_ExecP_Henderson March 2015

Atlanta is more than just another anchor city for Bravo's Real Housewives franchise. It's an urban music hub, the epicenter of southern hospitality and home...

executive perspectives : Choose Your Adventure

PPR0215_ExecP_Giles February 2015

A lot has been said on the art of selling. It's a topic that some aspiring entrepreneurs frantically Google, hoping to find all the...

executive perspectives : In Command

PPR0115_ExecPerspectives_OBrien January 2015

There's an old theory about the print industry: You're either born into it, or you find it by accident—like James O'Brien did. During his...

executive perspectives : The Next Chapter

PPR1114_ExecP_Bann November 2014

The story behind Bann Business Solutions is anything but boring. Originally a manufacturer of business forms, the Minnesota-based company, then known as Bann Printing, launched...

You're the Best Around

PPR1014_TopInter_Walters October 2014

From a proposed major postal overhaul to the country's anemic recovery, many continue to question whether the industry is headed anywhere but down....

mind your business : Are You a Reluctant Leader?

October 2014

Do you know someone who prefers a job with no leadership dimension, even though they have what it takes to thrive as a leader? You're not...

executive perspectives : Big Business

PPR1014_ExecP_Sutton_crop October 2014

R. Scott Sutton, CFE, is a big player in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and franchising markets. As the director and vice president of Dallas-based Safeguard...

executive perspectives : The Business of Being Bold

PPR0714_ExecPerspectives_RickGreene July 2014

B old. Different. Memorable. For most businesspeople, those are nice traits, things to strive for. For Rick Greene, MAS, they're a mantra. Besides writing...