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Tax forms, pressure seal forms, continuous and cut-sheet forms.


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Finding a Niche

September 2014

I t's hard to deny that it's been a tough couple years for continuous and multipart forms. Once a massive cornerstone of thousands of...

TFP Data Systems Rolls Out Enhanced W-2/1099 Processing Service

June 10, 2014

Electronic filing is quickly becoming the preferred method for filing 1099s, W-2s and other business tax forms due to its accuracy, safety and speed. Now,...

Process Makes Perfect

June 2014

W ith electronic filing on the rise, the long-term outlook for wage and income filing is anyone's guess. But even as digital technology forges...

A Wise Investment

PPR0414_Vertical_Proforma 1 April 2014

The financial sector won't be able to erase the stigma of some troubling numbers—no matter how much cleanup is involved....

Fact vs. Fiction

PPR0314_PS_Relyco March 2014

The controversy surrounding the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and its financial troubles has done little to instill confidence in clients. The organization recently ended the...

Claim to Fame

PPR0214_Vertical_TFP1 February 2014

The health care industry has certainly had its fair share of ailments to cope with over the past year. With a government shutdown topping the long...

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Roll?

February 2014

Big is scary. It's why so many horror movies feature hulking bad guys and giant monsters. It's why roughly two-thirds of the more than 11,000...

Among Tech Crowd, the Paper Business Card Endures

December 17, 2013

Of the many things swept away in the outgoing tide of an increasingly digitized economy, the lowly business card has been an odd and...

Now Presenting:

November 2013

Presentation folders are just as important as the documents they hold. The gateway to a critical first-class impression, folders are judged during that initial meeting—much...

Keeping It Real

PPR0913_RE_Manini1 September 2013

The real estate market has been setting records since the crash of 2007. That is, records in foreclosures, low mortgage rates and plummeting home values....