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The Business of Fashion

PPR0115_PromoApparel_NextLevel January 2015

Did you know that apparel sales make up approximately a third of all promotional products sales in the industry? We did, thanks to our sister...

Alstyle Apparel & Activewear Expands Operations

June 10, 2014

Alstyle Apparel & Activewear, Anaheim, Calif., has expanded to include two additional distribution shipping points, allowing for geographic diversity coast to coast and greater customer...

Fast Fashion

PPR0414_ProdS_Alstyle April 2014

T-shirts are the foundation of the wearables industry. We’ve been writing about them for years, and you’ve been selling them even longer than that. By...

Styled for Success

PPR0114_Cover January 2014

Interested in beefing up your product line in 2014? Maybe it's time to give promotional apparel a try....

mystery product : Chill Out

PPR0114_Upfront_MysteryProd January 2014

Old Man Winter isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2014. At press time, the East Coast has already been hit with snow and...

U.S. Olympic Fundraising Mittens Produced in China

December 24, 2013

Last week, the Associated Press reported that the red-white-and-blue mittens being sold by the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to raise funds for winter athletes...

How to Sell a T-shirt for $120

Kyle Richardson August 2, 2013

Step 1: Be Kanye West. Step 2: Don't not be Kanye West....

Entertainment Meets Marketing: Amazing Gatsby, Pop Art and Rock Music Promos

Michael Cornnell June 26, 2013

Entertainment and promotional marketing: A pairing that normally reminds us of being forced to eat Hulk-colored Taco Bell at gunpoint while Rihanna sings something about...

Heads Up

PPR0613_Prods_Otto June 2013

Picking out good promotional headwear takes a bit more thought than taping a sequined beet to your head and strutting down to your local hipster...

mystery product : Receive and Respond

Suntex gloves May 2013

Signs of spring are blooming everywhere: incessant sneezing, killer pollen and, yes, pretty flowers. It’s hard to remember the grey skies and pesky clipper storms...