Ashley Chiaradio

Ashley Chiaradio

Ashley Chiaradio is the Senior Content Strategist at Total Retail. Ashley has been creating content for more than 7 years, and provides a unique insight in covering the retail industry having worked directly for retailers in the past. She’s passionate about profiling women leadership in the space.

Working with Millennials

It happened. Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Generation Y, the generation born between 1980-2000, also known as millennials, has been a hot topic recently as more of these individuals graduate college, begin their careers and attempt to climb the corporate ladder...

Promotional Paradise

Traveling, whether it's for business or for pleasure, is a time to make memories. Travel-theme

Keep Calm and Write On

Writing instruments have come a long way from cavemen chiseling into stone to communicate. We can choose from pens, styluses, highlighters-the list goes on. Print+Promo spoke to two leading writing instrument suppliers to help explain how the business of promotional pens makes sense in the digital world.

Healthy Choices

Clean eating, a brisk walk with the family, self-pampering—health and wellness is a category that involves everyone, so there are plenty of opportunities for your clients' logos to be seen. Not sure where to start? Here are some products to boost your bottom line.

New Products for 2015

2014—the year of the ALS ice bucket challenge, the Oscar selfie and the Solange/Jay Z elevator brawl. Though we're sad it has come to an end, we're going to take a lesson from Disney's Frozen and "Let it Go." Here at Print+Promo we're excited to start 2015 off on the right foot, so we put together a list of the products we're most excited to see in the New Year.