Amanda L. Cole

Amanda L. Cole

Amanda L. Cole is editor-in-chief, custom publishing for Promo Marketing.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

The coronavirus has shut down huge swaths of the economy, putting a big dent in a lot of distributor and supplier sales. While some suppliers have completely stopped production due to mandatory state shutdowns of non-essential businesses, others are struggling with lowered sales due to limited demand...

4 Tips for Selling Luxury Brand Promotional Products

So, your client wants its brand to resonate with end-users. Well, luxury brands already have achieved that elite status with the brand recognition to go with it. So why not bring your client along for the ride? Co-branding a luxury brand product with your client’s name and logo can have a major impact...

The Real Deal

Whether your client is the real estate agent dealing with six-figure purchases, or the agency looking to reward an agent, here are some ideas to bring to market...

Record Number of Shipments Predicted This Holiday Season

While package carriers were unable to deliver all holiday packages in time for Christmas in 2013, they achieved a better outcome in 2014 and hope to continue their successes this holiday season, which is forecasted to have a record-breaking number of deliveries...

Finding Your Creative Side

Branching out into a new product category like promotional items may be intimidating, but it’s far from impossible, and a little education can go a long way. Since you’re already excelling at print, up your game by offering combinations of print and promo in your next sales pitch. We spoke to Stephanie Friedman, vice president of marketing for City Paper Company, Birmingham, Ala., who shared some tips on how to make your endeavor into promo a successful one.

Wrapping Up 2015

The fourth-quarter will be here before you know it, so how can you make that last push to meet your 2015 sales goals? We spoke to distributors and suppliers to get some answers. Here is what they had to say.

Trade Secrets

You may have a solid sales strategy that works every time—well, almost every time. Or maybe you switch among a few tactics depending on the situation. But what happens when your pitch falls flat? When you're stuck in a sales rut, it can be hard to evaluate where you've gone wrong. Instead of some soul-searching and evaluating on your part, we've done the work for you. Here, seven industry professionals reveal their best-kept secrets for success that will spare you from missing that key sale.

Playing By the Rules

Compliance is a difficult subject. It's hard to memorize all of the rules. General use products have an extensive list of requirements and children's products have even more, but what about when a general use product becomes a children's product?

For Your Information

Presentation may be key, but so is durability. The following eight folder and menu items not only contain your client's service or meal options, but are made to last and leave an impression.

Getting Political

Promotional products have been used in election campaigns throughout history, but many of those item

Developing Business Online

Sales used to be agreed upon with a handshake, but more and more business transactions occur with the click of a button (and a credit card number, of course).  But what about business-to-business (B2B) sales? In the print and promotional industry, those sales seem to be following the same trend.