Colleen McKenna

Colleen McKenna
Money to Burn

Here are four products to consider when approaching the newly flush financial market and, hopefully, landing repeat orders...

Generation Tech

Millennials are always on their phones. They change jobs regularly. They expect constant, immediate feedback. These are just a few of the criticisms leveled against Generation Y. All of these things may be true, but they have upsides as well. Millennials are up-to-date on current technologies. They have the long term in mind for their careers, refusing to settle for anything less than the best. They want to learn and grow...

What's the Plan?

Planning ahead is part of the job description at a magazine. We plan the stories we will write, who will travel to industry events, when the magazine will go to the printer and then out to you, when we will take a long weekend so that it does not interfere with production. 

Out of Network

We always expect to hear about hospitals and sunscreen when covering the health care industry. But, guess what? Health care promotions no longer revolve around health care companies or products.

Fast Fashion

T-shirts are the foundation of the wearables industry. We’ve been writing about them for years, and you’ve been selling them even longer than that. By now, we know T-shirts really well.

The State of Real Estate

The United States real estate market has had a slow recovery since the recession, but consumers are finally interested in buying again—which means realtors and property managers need to start attracting them.

Who Has Your Vote?

If House of Cards has taught us anything, it is that political campaigns can't start too early and never really end. (And that Kevin Spacey should narrate everyone's lives.)

New Products for a New Year

Holy Moly! It's 2014. We hope you had a successful fourth quarter and that you're excited to create new programs in the New Year. To get you started, we collected some of the best new products for 2014.

Better Living

Here are some ways to help keep your clients and their customers in shape, while maintaining their busy lives.

Driving Business

Relying on Fast & Furious 6 for inspiration in the automotive market is a bad move. We checked with a few auto products suppliers and apparently the movie offers no practical advice for selling automotive products.

Gear Up for Sales

People live and die by their favorite teams. That means they want everything they can to show their support year-round. 

Carry On

Everyone’s got baggage (and not just the emotional kind). Bags and totes are staples of the promotional products industry. You see them at every grocery and retail store, as part of most awareness programs, and on all trade show floors.

On the Brink of Drink

Look on your desk right now. Chances are you have a coffee mug, a reusable water bottle or maybe a disposable bottle of juice. You have beer steins, tea cups and collectable shot glasses at home. 

New Products for 2013

2013 sounds like one of those years movies from the ʼ70s, ʼ80s and ʼ90s called “the no-so-distant future,” where there are Running Man competitions, hover-board races that end on water, replicants posing as humans and overuse of liberal eugenics.

Prescription for Sales

Convincing your clients to buy wellness (or any) products requires your in-depth knowledge of the strongest and weakest aspects of those products. Even though personal and healthcare products seem straightforward, their complexities are not always easily understood.