Melissa Busch

Melissa Busch
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When it came time for Arthur Bartell, group president of Fort Collins, Colorado-based Proforma Big Dog Branding, to find a job he had a choice of three positions.

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Doug Pennington, owner of Lakeville, Minnesota-based Goldmine Mobile, had a humbling beginning in the print industry.


The cold, hard truth about plastic cards is they are a growing market that is here to stay. With less cash on hand or in the bank, plastic cards show up in the form of credit cards, debit cards and gift cards every day.

Print Grows Trees

Printed paper isn't the enemy. In fact, printed paper is made from a renewable resource. Trees can be replanted in places where they were harvested and also in places where they don't currently grow. The same can't be said for electronic devices.

 Care of Business

When thinking about business cards and brochures, Peter Posk, president of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-headquartered BCT, encouraged business people to think about the difference between a nice, affordable car and a high-end sports car

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Roger Buck, CDC, director of marketing for St. Louis-headquartered The Flesh Company, started his career in the print industry early.


If a university wanted to get the word out to students about a book promotion or a campus event, it likely wouldn't just pass out fliers or other printed material. If the school was smart, it would text its students, send out a mass e-mail or tweet about it.

PURLs of Wisdom

These little gems put a little personalized shine on a cross-media campaign.

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A summer job led John Gadd, CEO of Cleveland-based flozio, to a life in the print industry.

A Shot 
in the Arm

In the last 60 years, the population has doubled to more than 300 million. More people equal more people in need of medical care. Bad news for them, good news for the print industry.