Gregg Emmer is chief marketing officer and vice president for Kaeser & Blair Inc. (K&B). He has more than 40 years of experience in marketing and the promotional specialty advertising industry. His outside consultancy provides marketing, public relations and business planning consulting to a wide range of other businesses and has been a useful knowledge base for K&B dealers. Contact Emmer at gemmer@kaeser-blair.com.

Technology and I are not good friends. I don’t even own a cell phone-—something that astounds most people today. Many seriously wonder how I get by without one. The answer, I’m proud to report, is quite peacefully.
I do, however, own a DVD player. It was a gift from a friend who got tired of me complaining about the newer releases’ limited availability in VHS format.
Coincidentally, my VHS player was a gift from the same friend, years earlier, in response to my rants about the lack of decent television programming.
Now, I’m being cautioned that my TV will become

My given name is actually Margaret—and I hate it. To this day, I cringe when an office receptionist calls for “Margaret” in a crowded waiting room. It’s even worse when an enticing direct mail package lures me into opening the envelope, and I discover the materials are personalized with the dreaded moniker.

Information works as essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients sustaining businesses and enabling them to grow. But sometimes, there is just way too much information, at which point even the interesting and important becomes overwhelming and meaningless.

So, you want to make more money, have some fun and be more important to your customers than ever before. And, you don’t want to make any investment or have to learn too much or think too hard! Well—promotional products sales are just what you are looking for. OK—stop laughing and I’ll let you know how easy it can be. You probably think you have to join an organization and pay dues, organize a complete office and become familiar with about 3,400 supplier companies where you won’t have credit and you don’t know anyone. Well, that could all be true, but let’s look at

I’m big on recycling and have been attempting to do my part for several years now. Truth be told, I even love roaming countless thrift and consignment shops to purchase clothing and housewares—ULTIMATE recycling to my way of thinking.

So, I was understandably delighted when the city of Philadelphia stepped up it’s recycling program not too long ago. A new, reinvigorated campaign was launched featuring a very effective postcard mailed to residents showing the new, broader-range of materials allowed, including coated paper board, magazines, phone books and direct mail pieces.

Now, I must confess, no matter how attractive the mailer package, I’m typically not lured into

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