Care of Business
October 1, 2011

When thinking about business cards and brochures, Peter Posk, president of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-headquartered BCT, encouraged business people to think about the difference between a nice, affordable car and a high-end sports car

Show Me the Money
April 1, 2011

In today's working environment, business cards are sometimes a necessary evil. However, they remain one of the most effective branding tools available, giving distributors a surefire way to attract new customers and secure repeat orders. This month's mystery product offers a different method to generate additional revenue.

Say My Name
February 1, 2011

Competition is fierce on a good day, let alone in a struggling economy. As a result, employees are taking their creative skills to even higher levels to get their names in the forefront. If you want to make sure every customer knows your name, this month's mystery product can help.

October 1, 2010

In 1914, the year that saw the beginning of Charlie Chaplin's film career and World War I, the Western Union Co. introduced the first consumer charge card. It was printed on paper, required the balance be paid in full every month and was only good for use with Western Union. Nearly a century later, between credit cards, debit cards and gift cards, people are more likely to make a purchase with a plastic card than they are with cash.

A Perfect Combination
February 1, 2010

Do you think outside of the box? If so, you might consider adding integrated or affixed items to your product line. Here is a collection of the latest styles companies have to offer.

The Chill Factor
November 1, 2009

Are you prepared for a medical emergency? Many potential tragedies can have different outcomes if the right preventative measures are taken. This month's mystery product is one such measure.

The Power of Plastics
October 1, 2009

Plastics may not sound great. Especially since they are described as cold, shiny and hard. But, when it comes to gift cards, identification cards and the like, that's a good thing. Here, several companies display their newest plastic cards and explain their features.

ABnote North America Introduces Lenticular Printing Capability
August 11, 2009

Boston-based ABnote North America introduced lenticular printing on medium- to long-run plastic card and poster products. Lenticular printing, enabling printed images to appear three dimensional (3D) or even animated, is created in a process where an interlaced image is reverse printed directly on the smooth backside of a multi-angled lenticular lens.

EMA Changes Name
August 1, 2009

Austell, Georgia-based EMA – Specialty Envelopes & More has changed its name to EMA – Printed Solutions for Distributors.

8 Ways to Design Successful Postcards
February 1, 2009

In the world of direct mail, sometimes it feels as though the postcard format is on trial, defending its basic two sides against the prosecution’s long letter, freemium, brochure, buckslip and reply. The letter package promises a whole entourage of elements buffering an offer, while the bare-bones approach of a postcard arguably loses the touchy-feely, hold-your-hand sell of a letter package.