Choosing Sustainability
June 1, 2011

Boise Inc., located in Bensenville, Ill., is expanding its comprehensive sustainability initiative, CHOICES, with the goal of providing professional guidance to help customers or consumers make informed, effective choices about the use of paper.

Green is the Word
May 1, 2011

Nearly 55 percent of United States executives say their organization has a formal sustainability strategy in place, according to the recent KPMG International study, "Corporate Sustainability: A Progress Report." Another 12 percent say they are working on a strategy and an additional 19 percent expect to eventually develop a formal plan.

Making the Grade on Green
April 1, 2011

Mix an international nonprofit with a large paper distribution company and what do you get?

Smarting Up the Green
February 1, 2011

Braintree Printing, a Braintree, Massachusetts-based full-service commercial and quick printer, secured its commitment 
to being an environmentally friendly printing company.

Greener or Later
February 1, 2011

Baby On Board signs. Hypercolor 
 T-shirts. Snooki. Some fads should be 
 left in the past (even though, technically, 
 the pint-sized Jersey Shore cast member continues to invade Hollywood and television sets across the country).

Company Ups Its Green
January 1, 2011

West Linn Paper, headquartered in West Linn, Ore., promises to boost its shade of green.