Presentation Materials

Multitasking, Marketing and Mother Nature
June 1, 2008

By Maggie DeWitt Less is the new more, and this month’s mystery product is particularly apropos of current marketplace conditions. Not only is it lighter than its traditional counterpart, but the product goes beyond its primary function to provide valuable brand reinforcement while advancing eco-friendly initiatives. In addition, it can help distributors of both business printing and promotional products grow sales within various industries, and the product also serves as an excellent self-promotion. Check out the following clues to guess what the product is: • It is printed on FSC- and SFI-certified recycled stock, and is, itself, recyclable. • It is used

A Win/Win Situation
April 1, 2008

The Print Professional team congratulates everyone who participated in this year’s design contest for their creativity and ingenuity. It was exciting to receive new entries in the mail each day, and to see how industry professionals used their talent and supply chain expertise to deliver effective, high-quality solutions. With loupes in hand, a distinguished panel of judges from North American Publishing Company, Philadelphia, evaluated entries based on print quality, technical achievement and the degree to which a solution satisfied the intended application. They were so impressed with the submissions, that in addition to designating winners in the various categories, the judges felt compelled

Pocket the Profits
March 1, 2008

By Maggie DeWitt Just as signs of an expertly tailored garment are found in the small details, this month’s mystery product goes from ordinary to extraordinary by virtue of a simple, yet cleverly crafted, design element. The value-added component also adds aesthetic appeal, enhancing the product’s effectiveness. The item straddles the divide between a traditional business product and a marketing tool, and can be utilized in all industries. Check out the following clues to guess what the product is: • It typically serves an organizational function for presentation materials. • It is produced using coated board stock, and unique die-cutting techniques reveal the

Binding Arbitration
January 1, 2008

By Maggie DeWitt Most manufacturers and distributors are keenly aware of how the “green movement” is influencing business practices and buying decisions. From apparel to cleaning agents, environmentally correct products are increasingly in demand. This month’s mystery product showcases an item distributors can offer to customers interested in nurturing nature. Check out the following clues to guess what the product is: • It is typically used in business and education to organize materials. • It is created using vinyl and paperboard. • It is specially designed to help Mother Nature out of the bind we’ve put her in due to overcrowded landfills.

Fueld by New Blood
May 1, 2007

Anoticeable crowd gathered around one vendor in particular during Glenwood, Minnesota-based American Solutions for Business’s national sales conference—held Feb. 28 through March 4 at the Minneapolis Hilton Hotel—and an excited buzz filled the air. Fueld Films, Parker, Colo., was busy introducing distributors to the next generation of creative solutions. Attendees were mesmerized as they watched a series of 30-second video ads, each custom designed for a variety of markets. “With the advent of new online video services like YouTube, and the introduction of interactive marketing campaigns, the face of advertising has changed forever,” explained Brady Anderton, a partner in Fueld Films with his brother, Jeff,

MICR Express Helps to Boost Financial Market Sales
February 27, 2007

MICR Express, Jeffersonville, Ind., launched a new program aimed at helping distributors sell counter documents and general ledger forms to financial institutions. The program, utilizing the company’s state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, also offers exceptional turnaround times and competitive pricing. Both image-compatible and traditional documents are included in the new semi-custom program, as long as a 5⁄8” clear band is present at the bottom of the document. Standard production time is five business days, and all pricing includes standard wrapping. The program features a price list for 23⁄4x6˝ counter-type documents, and an additional price list for 33⁄8x7˝, 71⁄2˝, 8˝, and 81⁄2˝ general ledger documents. Paper