EMA Specialty Envelopes & More Offers Connect Four51 for Envelopes, Stationery and Business Card Programs
July 1, 2008

Headquartered in Austell, Ga., EMA Specialty Envelopes & More’s Connect Four51 program was developed to drive efficiencies into the print, envelope and business card supply chains. As a result, independent distributors have the same Web-based procurement system used by the majors—for free. Conducting business with EMA allows distributors to become one of the Connect Four51 international success stories. Whether using phone, e-mail or fax, the traditional order entry process involves manual labor and the potential for mistakes. However, the Connect Four51 order process drives all purchase orders to suppliers through an integrated channel which significantly reduces manual labor and virtually eliminates errors. By

Online Glossary for Print Buyers
June 1, 2008

Print Buyers International, Chestnut Hill, Mass., launched an online Print Buyer Glossary featuring several hundred words and phrases listed alphabetically. “We’re delighted to be able to provide this resource to the print-buying community,” said Margie Dana, founder of Print Buyers International and its member-based group, Boston Print Buyers. “One of the most exciting aspects is the fact that it will function much like a wiki. We encourage members of the industry—especially buyers—to submit terms for inclusion in our glossary. There’s a form online for submitting entries. New terms will be incorporated regularly, resulting in relevant and current content.” Print Buyers International is also in

Building Business
May 2, 2008

Last January, Duluth, Georgia-based Data Supplies Inc. (DSI) selected DemandBridge to be its enterprise-wide software provider. DSI initially started as a business forms distributor, and has grown into a top-selling information solutions provider. In need of a customizable platform for its servers, DSI was searching for a company that would be a solid fit with its vision and message. Read on for a discussion with Scott Rich, vice president, sales. PP: How does DemandBridge support DSI’s business strategy? Rich: DSI’s business strategy is based on listening to, understanding and acting on the specific needs of our customers. ... We felt DemandBridge offered

World Wide Domination
May 1, 2008

With the Internet progressing in its quest for global takeover, pay close attention—technological advancements occur faster than one can say: “Google.” Since English developer Sir Tim Berners-Lee launched the World Wide Web in 1990, browsers such as Mosaic and Netscape Navigator have forfeited their hold of the top contender title to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Today, Amazon, Yahoo! and eBay fuel growth in online advertising; Google has its own virtual planet with Google Earth; social networking services, including MySpace and Facebook, have subscribers in the millions; and blogs, mashups, podcasts, widgets and wikis have brought about Web 2.0. The Web is even proving to

Ennis Joins Connect Four51 Network
April 1, 2008

Ennis, Midlothian, Texas, has added Four51 to its e-commerce offering, as a result of joining the Connect Four51 Network. Ennis’ e-commerce offering is branded EnnisOnline, and descriptions and links to e-commerce and non-branded marketing sites for all divisions can be found at www.ennisonline.com. Connect Four51 is an innovative supply chain management program developed by Four51. It removes order processing, manufacturing and go-to-market inefficiencies from the printed communications supply chain, and delivers financial benefits associated with productivity improvements. For more information, visit www.ennisonline.com.

Action Envelope Debuts New Edition of Website
March 1, 2008

Action Envelope, Lindenhurst, N.Y., has launched the fourth generation of its award-winning website at www.actionenvelope.com. The new site incorporates Web 2.0 technology, precise product photography and simple navigation to help customers find, select and buy printed and plain envelopes. Through the addition of new collections such as Earthtones, Exclusives, Grocery Bag, Glossy and Linen, Action Envelope now stocks envelopes in 119 colors for same-day shipment. The “Made-to-Order” feature also allows customers to create one-of-a-kind envelopes, with size, color, stock and window all available for customization. Users may upload their existing artwork or design artwork online using easy-to-follow instructions. Action Envelope offers printing

New Online Resource for Direct Marketers and Creative Professionals
March 1, 2008

The Envelope Manufacturers Association Foundation, Alexandria, Va., created a new website offering direct marketing and design professionals information about the power of envelopes and paper-based communications. Visitors to www.powerofenvelopes.org discover five different sections, covering everything from current postal rates and regulations to the latest gum and adhesive technologies: • Designers Corner—Showcases innovative uses of envelopes as part of advertising and marketing campaigns, and offers links to design associations, websites with postal information and details on envelope construction. • Creative Campaigns—Offers case studies illustrating creative uses of envelopes in communications campaigns. • Eco-Friendly Envelopes—Contains information on every sector of the envelope industry’s

The Real Deal
June 1, 2007

Real estate documents have been a part of my father’s life for more than six decades. At 80 years of age, he still conducts business from his office in one of Philadelphia’s toughest neighborhoods. He can recall when an agreement of sale was two pages, printed on both sides. Now, the document can be up to 19 pages. Of course, back in the day, he added, you could also make a deal on a handshake. At that time, too, a salesman came by on a regular basis to provide his business forms, but eventually the increasing prices were keeping pace with the neighborhood’s escalating

E-nabling Efficient Supply Chains
May 1, 2007

Hot topics within the printing industry today include the need to get new orders in more quickly, and finished products out even faster, while streamlining warehousing and distribution. Thanks to developing technology, an assortment of tools is available for accomplishing these goals. Systems offering integrated warehouse management features are garnering a lot of attention as the ability to track and monitor goods from production to distribution points creates a competitive advantage. Reno, Nevada-based e-Quantum, and PageDNA, Redwood City, Calif., discussed some features and benefits of their respective e-commerce offerings, and how an evolving marketplace relies on technology and enhanced functionality to drive profitability. E-fficient

Fueld by New Blood
May 1, 2007

Anoticeable crowd gathered around one vendor in particular during Glenwood, Minnesota-based American Solutions for Business’s national sales conference—held Feb. 28 through March 4 at the Minneapolis Hilton Hotel—and an excited buzz filled the air. Fueld Films, Parker, Colo., was busy introducing distributors to the next generation of creative solutions. Attendees were mesmerized as they watched a series of 30-second video ads, each custom designed for a variety of markets. “With the advent of new online video services like YouTube, and the introduction of interactive marketing campaigns, the face of advertising has changed forever,” explained Brady Anderton, a partner in Fueld Films with his brother, Jeff,