Accurate Graphics

Blueprint for Success
March 1, 2008

As far back as 5000 BC, ancient cultures used illustrative pictograms to represent concepts, activities, places and events. The same innate human desire for aesthetic appeal, creative expression and clear, effective communication drives commercial printing success to this day. Given the variety of work commercial printers produce—everything from high-end, four-color process advertising pieces to printed letterhead—it’s a difficult category to define. Perhaps the best definition is one Eric Strom, general manager of Norwalk, Connecticut-based Accurate Graphics offered: “A commercial print shop is one that doesn’t run a store front. Otherwise, if you’re putting ink on paper and selling it, you are a commercial

Pave a Smooth Path For PrePress
October 1, 2005

Understanding file, font and color separation issues is essential for successful commercial printing projects COMMERCIAL printing used to be a scary term for many distributors, who shied away from learning its intricacies as long as margins on business forms were good. But, according to a BFL&S survey conducted in 2004, distributors now report that 21.5 percent of their sales are in commercial printing, and that they have begun to learn the argot of bleeds, trapping, fonts, graphics, tiff, eps, pict, RGB and CMYK. With computers now handling the job of traditional typsetters and graphic artists, "Putting ink on paper is still