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January 1, 2009

This month’s featured item combines innovation and technology with practical convenience for a product that’s sure to generate some buzz in the marketplace. Today, consumers of all age groups are infatuated with technology and gadgetry, and this revolutionary contactless payment system doesn’t disappoint.

Arthur Blank & Co. Introduces the AB HybridCard
November 4, 2008

Headquartered in Boston, Arthur Blank & Co. introduced the AB HybridCard into its GreenLine suite of environmentally friendly products. An industry first, the AB HybridCard is part recycled and part virgin PVC. The .030” thick material is comprised of a recycled plastic core sandwiched between two layers of traditional bright white PVC, resulting in a 50 percent recycled plastic and 50 percent traditional PVC product. The outer layers of traditional PVC provide an excellent printing surface while the recycled core provides all the environmental benefits associated with recycled material including helping to reduce energy consumption and reducing the amount of PVC entering

Arthur Blank & Co. Introduces the AB BiodegradableCard
October 21, 2008

Headquartered in Boston, Arthur Blank & Co. has a new addition to its GreenLine suite of environmentally friendly products. The AB BiodegradableCard is made from a cutting-edge biodegradable and compostable material that looks and feels like traditional plastic. The new material is industrial compostable according to ASTM International standards, and meets the D6400 standard for compostable plastics. The material composts in a period of 180 days or less and breaks down into water, biomass and CO2 in a professionally managed industrial composting facility. While not yet available in all areas, industrial composting facilities are expected to become more prevalent in the future. Existing

Arthur Blank & Co. Adds KURZ Web Collators
June 1, 2008

Boston-based Arthur Blank & Co. added two new KURZ MWS-750 collator machines to its inventory of card manufacturing equipment. The high-speed web collators provide additional capacity, improved quality and heightened accuracy, and are an integral part of the company’s continued lead time reduction program. The KURZ MWS-750 collators operate at 1,200 sheets per hour, supporting the company’s existing 1.5 billion card capacity. The machines are designed for quick changeover, and can collate thin material and antenna inlays. For more information, call (617) 325-9600.

Arthur Blank & Co. Partners with INSIDE Contactless
January 22, 2008

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Arthur Blank & Co.—a division of American Banknote—announced a partnership with INSIDE Contactless for the supply of its newly released L4 2.5G MicroPass platform. As a result of this partnership, American Banknote Corporation’s global network of secure card production facilities will be teamed with an industry-leading provider of advanced, open-standard contactless chip technology. With the recent announcement of Arthur Blank & Co.’s Tennessee card production facility being certified by VISA and MasterCard, this partnership is most timely. “As we begin to enter the US secure marketplace, we know that this partnership will add tremendous credibility to our offering. Offering the new

Arthur Blank & Co. Adds Secure Bank Cards
January 1, 2008

Boston-based Arthur Blank & Co., a division of American Banknote, is aggressively expanding into the secure bank card market in the United States with the recent MasterCard and VISA certifications of its 50,000 square foot production facility in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. Internationally, American Banknote is one of the leading global providers of MasterCard, VISA and other secure credit cards. The newly-certified Tennessee facility joins card production facilities worldwide, including France, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and the Czech Republic, with an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 2 billion plastic cards for payment, pre-paid, gift, marketing and chip-based card products. “This new U.S. facility for

Arthur Blank & Co. Moves in to New Offices
October 10, 2007

It has been a couple of months since Boston-based Arthur Blank & Co.’s office personnel settled into their new office space on August 20, and the staff is enjoying a more contemporary, efficient and comfortable work space. This is in keeping with Arthur Blank’s participation in Kaizen 5S quality standards; working in an organized, high-performance environment, thus increasing productivity. The address remains the same—225 Rivermoor Street—as the offices moved next door within the same building and are now situated on the second floor above the card manufacturing plant. The much-welcomed move allows Arthur Blank to better receive customers. For example, the new office features

Arthur Blank & Co. Receives Environmental Award
June 1, 2007

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino recognized Arthur Blank & Co. as an innovator of environmentally friendly, plastic card products. Menino awarded the company with the 2007 Boston Green Business Award. Arthur Blank & Co.’s Green Line of environmentally friendly products includes CornCard USA and AB RecycledCard. For more information, call (800) 776-7333 or visit

The Fairest of Them All
May 1, 2007

By Maggie DeWitt This month’s mystery product was briefly mentioned in a recent issue of BFL&S, but the dynamic item merits a closer look. Essentially, a design innovation has imbued a popular, multipurpose product with enhanced marketing power. Perfect for a variety of promotional and direct mail applications, the item is a good fit for customers in every industry. Check out the following clues and try to guess what the product is: • It is guaranteed to reflect well on customers and end-users. • It involves a manufacturing technique that puts a new face on plastic products. • It is

Arthur Blank & Co. Presents MirrorCard
April 2, 2007

Boston-based Arthur Blank & Co. recently introduced the MirrorCard.With a high-gloss metallized finish, the MirrorCard is ideal for membership, loyalty, hotel key cards, casino players’ cards and gift cards. For more information, visit