Show and Tell
December 1, 2011

Every business knows it's better to not just tell potential customers about your products, but to show them

One Step Ahead
June 1, 2011

If there's one positive that can come out of postal rate increases, it's this: large mailers must be more efficient to keep costs down. But that's not enough to win over potential customers—especially if all mailers follow this same formula.

April 1, 2011

Specialty trade printer Bestforms, Inc., located in Camarillo, Calif., recently announced some personnel changes. Joe Valdez has assumed the position of vice president/general manager and will oversee all operations of the company.

Sell the Power of Plastic
April 20, 2001

Plastic products can be a lucrative niche for those who know how to approach it. It's almost always more durable than paper, is usually nicer to look at and has a higher perceived value. The profit margins are generally higher and there are fewer of your competitors selling it than you may realize. The material is plastic—and while it's not always an easy sell, it can be well worth the time invested for distributors willing to learn the ropes. One of the keys to profiting from this material is knowing how the product will be used. Russ Herman, general manager, Allegheny Printed