Blanks USA

Under Lock and Key
June 1, 2011

When you are a child you want to be protected from the monsters in your closet, the bullies at the playground and the things that go bump in the night.

Image is Everything
April 1, 2009

Spring has arrived, but there is no blossoming economy in sight. Unemployment rates climbed to 8.1 percent as of February, and companies that didn’t resort to layoffs are cutting costs through other methods. The current climate has, in turn, forced everyone to become more image-conscious. A sharp-looking suit, a perfectly coiffed ‘do and manicured nails are essential and so is what an employee or job applicant carries to that meeting. Nothing says polished like a colorful folder or sleek binder.

Blanks/USA Conducts $10,000 Challenge
August 23, 2005

To prove the value of its new K2 security paper, Minneapolis-based Blanks/USA is calling on printers to take the Kan't Kopy Challenge, which is being conducted from September through November 30. The first printer to beat the paper's security features will receive $10,000. "Frankly, I'll be amazed if someone defeats K2," said Gil Vander Ham, president. "But, if someone does, it will be worth it to see what needs to be improved." Kan't Kopy K2 Security is a deceptively simple blue coupon featuring six hidden levels of security that must be overcome. According to Blanks/USA, K2 security paper can add value to