Finn Graphics

Finn Graphics Expands HD Technology
November 19, 2013

Finn Graphics Inc., the originator of the Kwik-Stik calendar and Kwik-Stik specialties, announced the successful installation of its newest technology in HD printing.

Beyond the Top 50
October 1, 2012

The fun doesn't stop at 50. Additional suppliers responded to this year's Top Suppliers survey, but just missed this year's list. Here are some of them:

Holiday Bonus
October 1, 2012

The best part about the holiday season is the sense of togetherness, the tidings of comfort and joy, and the goodwill toward … Ha! Just kidding.

Family First
February 1, 2012

Greg Muzzillo, founder of Cleveland-based Proforma, never planned on being a bigwig in the printing and promotional products industry.

October 1, 2011

The cold, hard truth about plastic cards is they are a growing market that is here to stay. With less cash on hand or in the bank, plastic cards show up in the form of credit cards, debit cards and gift cards every day.

Get Noticed
August 1, 2011

It's easy to lose track of time when surfing the Internet, catching up on e-mails or chatting on Facebook. Two minutes may easily turn into two hours.

Sticky Business
May 1, 2010

Take a look to your left, and then take a look to your right. In fact, take a look anywhere and you will more often than not see some of these. Stickers and decals are the ultimate in-your-face way to promote a brand. After all, what better way is there for a contractor to get his business message across than to display his company's logo with an inexpensive and long-lasting decal on the side of his work vehicle?

Finn Graphics Celebrates its 70th Anniversary
April 1, 2010

Cincinnati-based Finn Graphics, a third-generation, family-owned corporation, celebrated its 70th anniversary. Finn Graphics was founded on April 1st, 1940. That is right—on April Fools day and that is no joke. The further irony of the company is that it was founded by two men who met through an ad in the paper. Finn Graphics is prospering in the promotional products industry spanning national and international markets.

The Power of Plastics
October 1, 2009

Plastics may not sound great. Especially since they are described as cold, shiny and hard. But, when it comes to gift cards, identification cards and the like, that's a good thing. Here, several companies display their newest plastic cards and explain their features.