MAC Graphics Group

Top 100 Distributors Chart
November 2, 2007

1 WorkflowOne Headquarters: Dayton, Ohio Annual Sales $(000): 1,200,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Mosher, Chairman; Mike Zawalski, President, CEO Locations: 140 2 Proforma Headquarters: Cleveland Annual Sales $(000): 293,933 Principal Officer(s): Greg Muzzillo, Founder, Co-CEO; Vera Muzzillo, Co-CEO Locations: 600 3 American Solutions for Business Headquarters: Glenwood, Minn. Annual Sales $(000): 249,022 Principal Officer(s): Larry Zavadil, President, CEO Locations: 455 4 InnerWorkings Headquarters: Chicago Annual Sales $(000): 160,515 Principal Officer(s): Steven E. Zuccarini, CEO

Top 100 Distributors
November 1, 2006

Rank: 1 Company: WorkflowOne, Dayton, Ohio Sales $(000): 1,000,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Mosher, Chairman, CEO Locations: 150 Rank: 2 Company: Proforma, Cleveland Sales $(000): 293,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Muzzillo, Founder, Co-CEO; Vera Muzzillo, Co-CEO Locations: 650 Rank: 3 Company: American Solutions for Business, Glenwood, Minn. Sales $(000): 239,776 Principal Officer(s): Larry Zavadil, President Locations: 410 Rank: 4 Company: GBS, North Canton, Ohio Sales $(000): 90,143 Principal Officer(s): Eugene Calabria, President, CEO Locations: 12 Rank: 5 Company: Merrill Corp., Monroe, Wash. Sales $(000): 83,950 Principal Officer(s): Mark Rossi, President Locations: 6 Rank: 6 Company: The Shamrock Companies, Westlake, Ohio Sales

Industry Professionals Confront Change
March 1, 2005

Manufacturers and distributors report on what's working, what's changing and what's in store for the future. End-users continue to demand the best for the least, as fast as possible, driving distributors and manufacturers to draw on their creativity and problem-solving skills to make it happen. Meanwhile, dynamics within the independent channel, as well as within the ranks of the major directs, are shifting, creating both opportunities to be explored and obstacles to be surmounted. Several manufacturers and distributors spoke with BFL&S about their products and services, relationships within the supply chain, the impact of the major directs and their outlook for the future.

Compensation--A Tale of Two Distributors
August 1, 2003

An in-depth discussion of benefit options for sales reps. When BFL&S caught up with Chip Grayson, president of Systems Business Forms (SBF) in Savannah, Ga., he had just returned from 10 days at St. Simons Island off of Georgia's coast. "I'm as brown as a biscuit," said Grayson. "It feels good." However, Grayson isn't the type of leader who only looks out for himself. He understands that his sales team sometimes needs, well, a day at the beach. This is where SBF's flex-time benefit kicks in. "I am not the kind of guy who gets upset and yells or demands anything,"

What Fate Awaits Forms?
September 24, 2001

Distributors contemplate the present and future state of the industry. Has this year's economy had an adverse affect on the forms business? And with endless possibilities for print popping up via ad-vanced online technology, do distributors stand a chance to stay in the forms business in the years to come? Whether or not the recent fiscal slump gives way to major changes within the in-dustry, or simply serves as an opportunity for industry professionals to refocus their efforts, remains to be seen. To gain better insight into the concerns distributors have been facing of late, how they are handling them and where they see