Quikey Manufacturing

Quikey Rolls Out New Flat Packaging Products
July 31, 2007

By integrating physical advertising items into direct mail campaigns, marketers can affect a much stronger impact on marketing targets. With that in mind, Quikey, Akron, Ohio, has designed and certified with the USPS a number of “flat package” mailer/product combinations that keep postage costs to an absolute minimum for dimensional mailings. “Direct mail is a media with which our products have always performed well across many industries,” stated Quikey Manufacturing president, Mike Burns. “The new postal rate structure presents an alarming challenge to many marketing budgets when considering the number of mailings made each year.” Businesses who utilize these mailers for their promotions can

The Retro Resurgence
March 1, 2007

In the upcoming spring season, the elite consumers of fashion meccas, such as Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue, will sport 1940s-inspired blouses and satin shorts. Additionally, a trip to the local mall will reveal mannequins draped in fluorescent elastic dresses made popular in the 1980s. Don’t be fooled—it’s still the 21st century. “Retro” tends to only temporarily exit the fashion scene. The classic coin purse is an example of retro-resurgence. Ben Stiller, founder of Akron, Ohio-based Quikey, initially patented Quikoin in 1951. He hoped to design a pocket coin holder to decrease the amount of coin wear on men’s pants pockets. The product