Top 100 Distributors
November 1, 2006

Rank: 1 Company: WorkflowOne, Dayton, Ohio Sales $(000): 1,000,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Mosher, Chairman, CEO Locations: 150 Rank: 2 Company: Proforma, Cleveland Sales $(000): 293,000 Principal Officer(s): Greg Muzzillo, Founder, Co-CEO; Vera Muzzillo, Co-CEO Locations: 650 Rank: 3 Company: American Solutions for Business, Glenwood, Minn. Sales $(000): 239,776 Principal Officer(s): Larry Zavadil, President Locations: 410 Rank: 4 Company: GBS, North Canton, Ohio Sales $(000): 90,143 Principal Officer(s): Eugene Calabria, President, CEO Locations: 12 Rank: 5 Company: Merrill Corp., Monroe, Wash. Sales $(000): 83,950 Principal Officer(s): Mark Rossi, President Locations: 6 Rank: 6 Company: The Shamrock Companies, Westlake, Ohio Sales

Top Forms Distributors
November 1, 2006

Rank: 1 Company: WorkflowOne, Dayton, Ohio Forms Sales $(000): 338,000 Total Sales $(000): 1,000,000 Rank: 2 Company: American Solutions for Business, Glenwood, Minn. Forms Sales $(000): 66,178 Total Sales $(000): 239,776 Rank: 3 Company :Data Supplies, Duluth, Ga. Forms Sales $(000): 28,678 Total Sales $(000): 73,533 Rank: 4 Company: Fiserv Direct Source, New Berlin, Wis. Forms Sales $(000): 19,600 Total Sales $(000): 35,000 Rank: 5 Company: Great American Business Products, Houston Forms Sales $(000): 19,563 Total Sales $(000): 35,570 Rank: 6 Company: GBS, North Canton, Ohio Forms Sales $(000): 18,930 Total Sales $(000): 90,143 Rank: 7 Company: Merrill

SOI--Electronic Systems Infiltrate the Market
March 26, 2001

Forms and checks printing continues to impact the industry Efficiency is the driving force behind the increasing popularity of electronic systems. Net profit increases for distributors and the ease of accessibility for large, and even mid-size, market accounts also helps. As print industry software programs become refined, more customers are placing trust in new-age technology and letting go of traditional processes. Just ask Dan Siadak, CDC, president and CEO of Lansing, Michigan-based RBF. "I see end-users embracing electronic forms much more now than even a year ago," he said. "More companies are networked and have Intranets, so electronic forms can be used more readily,

Distributors Ponder a Paperless Office
April 20, 2000

E-forms are a value-added product about to reach the mainstream By Eric Fiedler FOR YEARS, e-forms were considered a product of the future. For many distributors, the future is now. More than three-fourths of Business Forms, Labels & Systems' Top 100 Distributors sell electronic forms, including nine of the top 10. While most of the larger companies introduced electronic form programs three to five years ago, they say the benefits are just beginning for both their clients and themselves. "People are increasingly ready to take advantage of electronic forms because they now have the necessary infrastructure in place," said Daniel Siadak, CDC, president of RBF in Lansing, Mich.

A Fine Mix
September 20, 1999

Form/label combinations offer unique design challenges and high sales margins By Eric Fiedler Form/label combinations are a favorite product for distributors to sell—because they really don't have to do much selling. "It's one of those products that sort of sells itself because when a customer contacts us through the Internet, they are already trying to solve a specific problem, and they've already figured out it's a form/label combination that they need," said Ron Woodrell, president of Cal-West Business Forms, a Fair Oaks, Calif.-based distributorship. "With this product you go back to what you're supposed to be doing with every order, which is solving a problem and genuinely helping