Redi-Tag Corporation

2-Inch Laser Index Tabs from Redi-Tag
November 1, 2007

Redi-Tag, Cypress, Calif., presents its new 2-Inch Laser Index Tabs line. End-users can produce their own custom printed tabs easily with Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, and free software templates are available at the company’s website. Redi-Tag Laser Index Tabs are made from heavy-duty, durable plastic that won’t tear or curl. The self-stick, permanent adhesive tabs attach to the edge of a sheet to create either side-view or bottom-view indexes. The products can be used on books, manuals, reports, presentations, organizers, catalogs and more. The self-stick, permanent adhesive tabs feature a white index area and clear adhesive, and measure 2x7⁄8". The products are available

Redi-Tag Introduces Stylish Pop-Up Film Page Flag Dispenser
October 23, 2007

Redi-Tag Corporation, Cypress, Calif., presents the newest addition to its line of film page flags, the Pop-Up Flag Dispenser. Colorful and affordable, the high-quality product offers the convenience of an easy-to-use flag dispenser, without the premium price of the national brand. The sleek design of the Redi-Tag Pop-Up Flag Dispenser makes it a welcome addition to any desktop. Redi-Tag self-stick page flags are made from durable film that will remove and reposition easily without damaging the document. The clear portion of the flag sticks where needed without covering up text, while the color portion is non-adhesive to extend beyond documents for eye-catching convenience,

Recognition: Redi-Tag Corporation Receives 2006 Fit Business Award
November 21, 2006

Oakland, California-based Redi-Tag Corporation was honored by California State Senator Tom Torlakson and Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante for its exemplary workplace wellness program. The California Fit Business Awards annually recognize California employers providing workplace environments that support their employees in making healthy physical activity and nutrition choices. Redi-Tag Corporation is the 2006 winner in the category of companies with less than 25 employees. Redi-Tag Corporation strives to make a healthy lifestyle fun, easy and rewarding by encouraging participation in 5K runs/walks, and hosting a health challenge every year that includes rewards for winners. To make healthy eating easy, the company offers healthy food in

Redi-Tag Makes Organization a Snap
November 1, 2006

Headquartered in Cypress Calif., Redi-Tag Corporation’s newest product, Redi-Bind, is an effective tool for organizing paperwork. The Redi-Bind three-ring binding system is great for work in progress, filing and organizing stacked paper and documents. Each Redi-Bind holds up to 50 sheets of three-hole-punched paper, and easily snaps open and closes to add or remove sheets. The product is a lightweight, convenient and cost-cutting alternative to a full binder. Two five-color assortments are available. The presentation series includes frost, black, navy, maroon and forest green binder systems, while the organization series includes red, blue, green, yellow and orange binder systems. For more information, call

Mind Your Own Business
October 1, 2006

Personal security at home and in the office is a top priority for everyone. This month’s mystery product is designed to protect sensitive documents from potential identity and privacy violations, providing a value-added solution for customers in all markets. It is a simple and effective proactive measure that sends a clear message to prying eyes. Use the following clues to try to guess what the product is: • It utilizes pressure-sensitive, polyester film and a hidden pattern. • It is not only a deterrent against, but an indication of tampering, pilfering and unauthorized entry. • It is an effective way to seal the deal

Redi-Tag Introduces Cram Cards
March 1, 2006

Headquartered in Cypress, Calif., Redi-Tag presents Cram Cards, a stylish and functional alternative to index cards that makes studying more fun. A binder ring in one corner not only keeps the sheets ordered and all together, but opens so they can be easily rearranged. The ring also makes it easy to attach Cram Cards to a backpack or binder. Colorful polypropylene front and back covers keep the sheets from tearing and curling. Available in 21⁄4x31⁄4" and 3x5˝ sizes, Cram Cards come in purple/pink and blue/green color combinations. Each pack contains 75 sheets in three color-coordinated shades. The products are merchandised in a