A Win/Win Situation
April 1, 2008

The Print Professional team congratulates everyone who participated in this year’s design contest for their creativity and ingenuity. It was exciting to receive new entries in the mail each day, and to see how industry professionals used their talent and supply chain expertise to deliver effective, high-quality solutions. With loupes in hand, a distinguished panel of judges from North American Publishing Company, Philadelphia, evaluated entries based on print quality, technical achievement and the degree to which a solution satisfied the intended application. They were so impressed with the submissions, that in addition to designating winners in the various categories, the judges felt compelled

Blueprint for Success
March 1, 2008

As far back as 5000 BC, ancient cultures used illustrative pictograms to represent concepts, activities, places and events. The same innate human desire for aesthetic appeal, creative expression and clear, effective communication drives commercial printing success to this day. Given the variety of work commercial printers produce—everything from high-end, four-color process advertising pieces to printed letterhead—it’s a difficult category to define. Perhaps the best definition is one Eric Strom, general manager of Norwalk, Connecticut-based Accurate Graphics offered: “A commercial print shop is one that doesn’t run a store front. Otherwise, if you’re putting ink on paper and selling it, you are a commercial

Commercial Printing Thinks Small, Wins Big
October 1, 2004

Short runs get to market faster than ever, thanks to efficient workflows and knowledgeable distributors. Which came first—the customer demand for quick turnaround times or the equipment technology that makes it possible? While the question is debatable, the upshot is clear. Short runs of process color work are a dominant trend in commercial printing. From a few days to as few as 24 hours after proof approval, orders for brochures, postcards, marketing collateral, rack cards, books and booklets in quantities of between 250 and 20,000 pieces are being printed, packed and shipped. Columbus, Kansas-based Midwest Color Graphics advertises typical production schedules of