Tru Art

Save Your Calendar Promotions
August 1, 2011

Low-tech. Boring. Unsexy. Woefully utilitarian. As promotional items, calendars might seem about as interesting as a sixth-grade play on the metric system (about two hours too long and as exciting as repeatedly listening to a small, affectless human dully counting to 30). Repeated counting to 30 aside, thankfully the boring reputation of calendars is more myth than fact.

Tru Art Develops New “Green” Website
January 26, 2010

Headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa, Tru Art Advertising Calendars has developed a new website devoted to the advancement of paper-based promotional products, including the advertising calendar.

Tru Art Participates in “Sand in the City” Event
September 22, 2009

Iowa City, Iowa's first ever “Sand in the City” fundraising event was a huge success thanks to Tru Art Advertising Calendars. The company not only contributed its time to build one of the sand sculptures, but also provided financial resources to the local fundraiser for “Summer of the Arts.”