October 1, 2011

The cold, hard truth about plastic cards is they are a growing market that is here to stay. With less cash on hand or in the bank, plastic cards show up in the form of credit cards, debit cards and gift cards every day.

A Recipe for Success
January 1, 2011

Every New Year's Eve, people scramble to think of their last-minute resolutions. As January kicks into high gear, unoccupied treadmills become scarce, cigarettes are flushed down the toilet and junk food remains on the supermarket shelves. Unfortunately, bad habits die hard.

USA/Docufinish Redesigns Website
November 16, 2010

Plainfield, Illinois-based USA/Docufinish recently announced the launch of its newly designed website with marketing tool features. The new website has been revamped to better show the continually ongoing development of USA/Docufinish’s products and services and to allow customers extended access to information about the company.

McKillip Receives Big Promotion
August 1, 2009

John W. McKillip was recently named president and CEO of Plainfield, Illinois-based USAdocufinish.

McKillip has been with the company since 1993 and has held various positions within the organization including vice president of sales and chief marketing officer.

Sales Gold
April 1, 2009

The economy got you down? How about your sales? Tune out the naysayers for just a minute and realize the plentiful solutions waiting to be had. Yes, the struggling economy has added a different competitive dynamic to the selling game, but everyone also knows that pessimism is the least productive—and least profitable—of attitudes.

New Blood Bag Labels from USA/docufinish
December 16, 2008

Headquartered in Plainfiled, Ill., USA/docufinish now offers blood bag-compatible labels. The labels are both FDA- and American Red Cross-compliant. The specialty material used in the manufacturing of the products is a white, flexible polyolefin, and it is available in both piggyback and single-ply constructions. USA/docufinish offers the labels in a variety of sizes—approximately 1x1˝ up to 7x7˝ and all sizes in between—and the labels may be printed in up to six colors. The company can expertly affix the labels to continuous forms or supply the product in rolls for automated and manual applications. In addition, consecutive numbering and bar coding are optional.

Survival of the Fittest
May 1, 2008

(As new promotional products are introduced to the market, wearables continue to dominate sales figures. According to PPAI, promotional product distributor sales for 2006 totaled $18.8 billion with wearables accounting for a whopping 30.79 percent of this figure. Because many print suppliers and distributors are currently testing the promotional waters, the staff of Print Professional would like to acquaint its readers with a top-selling item that just might be a perfect fit for their next campaign. Originally printed in the February 2008 issue of Promo Marketing (PM), the following article discusses the value and trends of T-shirts and details some important imprinting techniques.

A Win/Win Situation
April 1, 2008

The Print Professional team congratulates everyone who participated in this year’s design contest for their creativity and ingenuity. It was exciting to receive new entries in the mail each day, and to see how industry professionals used their talent and supply chain expertise to deliver effective, high-quality solutions. With loupes in hand, a distinguished panel of judges from North American Publishing Company, Philadelphia, evaluated entries based on print quality, technical achievement and the degree to which a solution satisfied the intended application. They were so impressed with the submissions, that in addition to designating winners in the various categories, the judges felt compelled