A New Lease
March 1, 2013

Real estate—two words that stir up bad memories. It's been five years since the bubble burst, causing property values and housing sales to plummet.

Everything to Everyone
September 1, 2012

An $8 billion integrated global healthcare enterprise was ailing from multiple problems. The company's complex supply chain, multiple business units and intricate marketing programs presented its management team with visibility, coordination, economies of scale and execution challenges

A Shot 
in the Arm
August 1, 2011

In the last 60 years, the population has doubled to more than 300 million. More people equal more people in need of medical care. Bad news for them, good news for the print industry.

Ward/Kraft Announces Ability to Apply Spot UV Curable Silicone on Offset Presses
March 8, 2011

After an extensive research, Ward/Kraft, Inc. announced the development of a UV-curable silicone for spot application. The addition of a spot silicone on a business form opens the door to many unique design opportunities in the pressure seal and integrated form/label market. Adding this capability will place Ward/Kraft, known as an industry leader in innovative business forms design, on a very short list of possible sources in the United States.