Western States Envelope & Label

Talking Shop
October 1, 2013

Ennis Inc. chairman, president and CEO Keith Walters is known for his bold business moves, and this year he didn't disappoint. But would Walters' moxie pay off for the Midlothian, Texas-based supplier or draw criticism from the industry?

Show Off the Goods
December 1, 2012

Many businesses know the value of visual marketing to potential customers—visuals highlight a product’s functionality, aesthetics and especially potential. So the stage is set, the curtain is up and it’s time for a product exhibition. Here, companies give examples of new products, best sellers or items they are proud to showcase.

Lessons from the Top
October 1, 2012

Last year, Keith S. Walters, chairman, president and CEO of Midlothian, Texas-based Ennis Inc., encouraged members of the industry to promote printing as “not only a solution for customers, but a more cost-effective solution than newer technologies.” 

Seal of Approval
April 1, 2012

So many envelopes, so many needs—where does one begin? The good news is distributors have options.

Western States Envelope & Label Launches New Website
March 27, 2012

Live chats with customer service. Enhanced product shopping and 24/7 online ordering. Ideas and tips for greener business practices. These are just a few of the new website offerings available to help Western States Envelope & Label customers grow their business.

Stuck on You
February 1, 2011

It's the first thing customers notice when they are trolling supermarket aisles and retail giants—labels stuck to bottles and jars and tags hanging from shirts, pants and shoes. For some consumers, it may be what helps them pick between Skippy or Jif, Pepsi over Coke or helps them choose what to pour over their salads.