The Numbers Game
November 1, 2014

Last month, Print+Promo checked in with industry suppliers as they struggled to find their sweet spot in the tepid economy. Their performance hinted at trouble with sales falling short compared to previous years. Would the distributors share the same fate? Not if 2014 numbers are any indication.

Living Among Giants
March 1, 2014

Just last year, Print+Promo's State of the Industry report addressed a big overhaul in marketplace realities. Suppliers and distributors alike finally tossed out traditional ink-on-paper models in favor of a service-based approach, creating a path for historic opportunities. Those opportunities, it turns out, came in the form of historic acquisitions.

Standard Register Appoints New Officers
November 12, 2013

Standard Register, Dayton, Ohio, announced that its board of directors has appointed four new officers of the company: Greg Greve, executive vice president, Enterprise Delivery; Joseph L. Klenke, executive vice president, Advanced Technology and Channels; Jeffery L. Moder, executive vice president, Corporate Marketing; and Amy Reilly, executive vice president, Organizational Effectiveness.

Standard Register Acquires WorkflowOne
August 1, 2013

Standard Register announced today that it has acquired distributor WorkflowOne in a transaction valued at $218 million, financed by assuming $210 million of long-term debt and the issuance of warrants with an estimated value of $8 million.

Deal Breaker
August 1, 2013

In today's current business climate, mergers and acquisitions are often the pinnacle of a CEO's success. I, personally, would be delighted to sell my firm for a hefty fee and retire.