Cambridge, Mass.

Durham, North Carolina-based Bell and Howell, a leading provider of solutions and services for paper-based and digital messaging, announced a relationship with Window Book and endorsement of its Mail.dat management software for sorting customers using the NetSortĀ® solution. Window Book, based in Cambridge, Mass., is a leading provider of mailing and shipping software.

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., IDTechEx provides custom consulting, research and advisory services to help develop businesses in key areas. The organization recently released a new report: RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2008-2018. Using new, unique information researched globally by IDTechEx technical experts, the report analyses the RFID market in many different ways, and features more than 120 helpful tables and figures. They include detailed 10-year projections for EPC vs. non-EPC, high value niche markets, active vs. passive readers, markets by frequency, markets by geographical region, label vs. non label, chip vs. chipless, markets by application, tag format and tag location. Cumulative sales of

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., IDTechEx specializes in printed electronics, RFID and smart packaging, providing strictly independent marketing, technical and business advice and services on these subjects. Raghu Das, CEO/MD of IDTechEx, has been closely involved with the development of RFID and printed electronics for more than six years. Following are highlights from his report on how RFID use grew in the marketplace during 2007. In round figures, the value of the RFID market grew strongly to $5 billion in 2007, mainly powered by a peak in deliveries of the Chinese national ID card, with about $2 billion of cards and infrastructure being delivered

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