Carrollton, Texas

Elise Hacking Carr is editor-in-chief/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

A new co-branding opportunity that allows independent print shop owners to expand their offerings to include signage and visual graphics services is quickly gaining traction and paving a path to recovery for business owners in the declining commercial print industry.

The fun doesn't stop at 50. Additional suppliers responded to this year's Top Suppliers survey, but just missed this year's list. Here are some of them:

From July 7 to July 13, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) awarded 77 one-time print jobs to 31 print supplier clients of Government Print Management.

Carrollton, Texas-based SAGE and Glenwood, Minnesota-based American Solutions for Business (ASB) announced that ASB has selected SAGE to provide product research and other business management solutions for its owners. SAGE will offer ASB owners a variety of specific packages to give each office the ability to select the configuration of tools that it needs.

There’s a running joke about the forms business. It chooses you, not the other way around. So what’s a fated print supplier or distributor to do when, just to survive, he or she has two major opponents to battle: technology and the economy?

The National Do Not Call Registry has opened the direct mail door for affixed products. Thanks to the recent implementation of the National Do Not Call Registry by the federal government, telemarketing is out, and direct mail is in a prime position to pick up its slack. "Now that the no-call telemarketing laws are in effect, direct mail is going to just bloom," said Richard Burgdorf, distributor accounts manager at FormStore, Fenton, Mo. Ed Brandt, owner of Brandt Affixing, Carrollton, Texas, agreed. "As consumer backlash against telemarketing has intensified, culminating in the National Do Not Call Registry, advertising companies are going back to

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