Edison, New Jersey

Amanda L. Cole is the editor-in-chief of NonProfit PRO. She was formerly editor-in-chief of special projects for NonProfit PRO's sister publication, Promo Marketing. Contact her at acole@napco.com.

In case you haven't heard, digital print is an expanding sector—and if you're not selling it, now's the time to start. Within the next three years, it's expected to consume 20.6 percent of the print market and rake in $187.7 billion, according to the Smithers Pira study, "The Future of Offset vs. Digital Printing to 2018."

Those in the marketing and direct mail arena may say these are better than the kind you find nestled between the shells of an oyster.

Some things are better left unsaid. Just ask Bill Doehler, executive vice president of Edison, New Jersey-based Prodigital Printing, A Consortium Company. When asked how he ended up in the printing industry, Doehler responded, "It's a complicated and exquisitely boring story best told from a barstool."

Edison, New Jersey-based Prodigital Printing has published a free dimensional print sample book titled, Donny Digital's Dimensional Discovery Day. Readers follow Donny through his day as he notices the textures of his everyday surroundings.

Printing has been around for centuries, but digital printing is still a baby, having only hit the mainstream less than 20 years ago.

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