Ellisville, Mo.

PSI Plastic Graphics, Ellisville, Mo., presents the Elf Tag—a worldwide tracing tag used to identify the owner of missing property while rewarding the finder. A simple e-mail or phone call enables the company’s recovery specialist to put the finder of an item in touch with the property owner. Those returning items are rewarded with a family pack of tags for their own property. Each Elf Tag and label has a unique algorithm number that identifies the owner. All owner information is stored in a secure database managed by ELFTAG. Registration is free—end-users only pay the cost of the tag. The line includes specific

Headquartered in Ellisville, Mo., PSI Printing Services introduced EinsteinRewards 3750 in response to reports from convenience marts and gas stations stating that 70 percent of the customers pay for fuel purchases at the pump and never walk inside, causing store owners to lose a captive audience. The challenge was to provide a solution with very little foot print that offered the ability to issue and redeem gift and loyalty cards, print a receipt and maintain databases in an instant. PSI’s EinsteinRewards 3750 is a complete, total solution that runs from a VeriFone Omni 3750 credit card terminal and offers all the benefits of a

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