Fort Scott, Kan.

Elise Hacking Carr is editor-in-chief/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

The fun doesn't stop at 50. Additional suppliers responded to this year's Top Suppliers survey, but just missed this year's list. Here are some of them:

An $8 billion integrated global healthcare enterprise was ailing from multiple problems. The company's complex supply chain, multiple business units and intricate marketing programs presented its management team with visibility, coordination, economies of scale and execution challenges

Ward/Kraft Introduces Three New Envelopes Ward/Kraft, Fort Scott, Kan., has added three new envelope products--Cromatica, Dentelle and a Coupon Envelope--to its existing offering. Cromatica combines translucency with vivid colors to give the customer a high-impact mailer. The innovative design offers superior look-through ability, a natural feel and is recyclable. Dentelle envelopes are made from extra-white, transparent paper. They are available in six patterns created from watermarking technology. Applications can include advertising, direct mail, retail announcements and invitations. The Coupon Envelope provides coupons that are removable from the outside of the envelope. By providing an exterior activity, the item draws the reader to open the document,

Ward/Kraft Announces Vacation Winners Ward/Kraft, Fort Scott, Kan., recently announced two winners in its 2004-2005 Vacation Sales Incentive giveaway. MaverickLabel.Com, Edmonds, Wash.; and Brian Wiedenmann owner of U.S. Print & Resource Management, Eagle, Idaho; earned trips based on placing new orders in excess of $100,000 since the start of the program last September. Rather than accepting the $3,000 prize voucher, MaverickLabel.Com's CEO, Mark Trumper, and president Rick Kent, both decided to have the value of the award donated in cash to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. The donation will be made jointly in the names of MaverickLabel.Com and Ward/Kraft.

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