Direct selling, where suppliers jump your spot in the supply chain and sell directly to your customers, has always been an issue in the industry. But it’s also been an issue prone to prediction and supposition, with many industry insiders trying to guess how and when it’s going to escalate—and how much it’s going to affect the industry.

PaperPlus—the stores division of Unisource Worldwide—continues to embark on an aggressive expansion program across the United States, opening a new store location in Kansas City, Kan. The new PaperPlus Kansas City store follows the recently opened PaperPlus store locations in Indianapolis, Seattle and Charlotte, N.C.

Any entrepreneur knows that when it comes to running a business your work is never done. From the moment you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night, you're worrying, planning for the future, and more often than not, putting out fires

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