Avery Dennison Roll Materials Asia Pacific has named Georges Gravanis as its new vice president and general manager.

Commercial printing morphs annually in the 21st century. The following printing firsts, however, irrevocably changed the global printing industry. • China, 11th century: Pi Sheng creates the first movable type process by molding letters out of clay. • Korea, 13th century: First movable metal type process is developed. • Mainz, Germany, 1455: Johannes Gutenburg introduces movable type in Europe, and reproduces the Bible. • Philadelphia, 1728: Benjamin Franklin launches “The Pennsylvania Gazette.” • Bohemia, 1796: Alois Senefelder invents the lithographic process. • London, 1814: “The Times” becomes the first newspaper to utilize Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Bauer’s steam-powered press, which

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