Laguna Hills, California

Laguna Hills, California-based Blytheco, LLC recently welcomed Jeffrey Gregorec as vice president of sales. He will report directly to Stephen Blythe, CEO.

Checks won't be bounced out of the forms business anytime soon. Talk to anyone in the forms industry about the fate of the check business and two main issues will undoubtedly dominate the conversation: online banking and Check 21. Ever since the dawn of online transactions, the demand for personal check orders has been declining. And, ever since the passage of last fall's Check 21 regulations, there has been some conflict as to whether a manufacturer's security features pass muster. Despite these looming issues, there is a silver lining. "The real story about checks is that the paper document is going to be around

Increased demand for other products and services reveals an industry transition. Though products and services other than forms, such as warehousing, document management, e-commerce and software, may not appear to be a major part of distributor sales—they ranked fifth in percentage and total sales among BFL&S's Top 100 Distributors—they are certainly a vital part of distributor business. So much so that without such products and services, many distributors believe their businesses would depreciate. The reason, they say, is because more clients are requesting sophisticated networking systems, thus diminishing the need for so many forms and increasing the demand for other products. That is the

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