Monaca, Pa.

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Big is scary. It's why so many horror movies feature hulking bad guys and giant monsters. It's why roughly two-thirds of the more than 11,000 attempts to summit Everest have failed.

The way Lynn M. Rogge sees it, operating on price alone is the worst blunder a distributor can make. And with 50 years in the game, it's a safe bet that he knows a thing or two.

Datatel Resources, Monaca, Pa., recently announced the installation of a new digital workflow pre-press system. The electronic pre-press advancement includes the installation of a Strobbe RIP Server, Express Workflow and Gap Finder Software, in addition to a Fuji F6000 Imagesetter and Starproofer. The new system will provide distributors with increased speed, control and integrity of the digital file process, greater flexibility of copy changes during the workflow process and "soft" PDF proofs processed the same day that printable digital files are received. For more information, call (800) 245-2688.

Datatel Resources, Monaca, Pa., recently installed an ANSI-approved RDM Image Qualifier System, which will provide ongoing testing to ensure compliance with Check 21 regulations. Datatel Resources is a provider of long-run, base-stock check products in cut-sheet, 50˝ jumbo roll and continuous formats. The company also provides licensed security features and high-color, UV print technology. For more information, call (800) 245-2688 or visit

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