Palo Alto, California

Following the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) May 12 rate increases, consumers and businesses frequently using USPS for shipping can save money through authorized online postage vendors, such as Palo Alto, California-based Endicia. In response to the rate change, Endicia announced its full line of Internet postage shipping solutions will be updated and streamlined to support the new prices. To that end, Endicia is hosting a series of educational, 30-minute webinars entitled “May 12, 2008 USPS Price Change—Endicia Makes It Easy,” led by Senior Product Specialist, Mike Colegate. Colegate explains the new discounts, USPS offerings, shipping pricing and more. “With the webinars, Endicia

No matter how obscure our tastes, almost anything we have a yen for is a mere Google search or eBay bid away. For good or bad, the same holds for business owners: everyone, it seems, uses the Internet as an avenue for free promotion and advertising opportunities. As a result, any business hoping to thrive must venture into digital services and online business. Obviously, e-commerce opportunities have advantages and disadvantages. Change can be daunting, especially when it means investing in training for employees in order to service clients. The investment in technology alone can be cost-prohibitive, too. In the race to outwit stiff competition

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