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Upon first examining this year’s Top 100 Suppliers’ sales numbers, the BFL&S staff discovered a $241 million decrease in overall sales compared with last year. This sent the team scrambling for answers. However, deeper analysis revealed a simple explanation. As our readership may have noticed, in 2004 and 2005, Quality Park, Englewood, Colo., ranked number one and two respectively on the Top 100 Suppliers list with sales peaking at $430 million. This year, the Quality Park brand no longer appears on the list at all. In years past, Quality Park consisted of six companies: DealerLabel, Discount Labels, Lancer Label, PrintXcel, Wisco and Quality Park Products.

VersaSeal Releases New DVD, PrintXcel Adds New Capabilities Montrose, Alabama-based VersaSeal, a PrintXcel brand and the original manufacturer of pressure seal solutions to the trade, recently announced the release of its updated video and DVD. The educational DVD was designed to assist distributors who are introducing pressure seal to their clients. In addition to product descriptions and equipment demonstrations, the DVD also identifies key applications and explains how the technology works. The video is available from PrintXcel by calling (800) 767-3743 or sending fax to (251) 990-6205. In other company news, PrintXcel, a Quality Park brand, recently added in-line die cut capabilities at its Fairhope, Alabama-based

A proactive approach to marketplace changes proves profitable for suppliers There are no big surprises at the top of the BFL&S Top 100 Supplier listing this year. Except for a bit of order shuffling, the five companies tßhat have dominated the rankings for the past few years—Ennis, Quality Park, TST/Impreso, Western States Envelopes & Labels and Champion Industries—continue to do so. And, it is traditional products, including envelopes, forms, tags/labels, commercial printing and direct mail, that account for the bulk of the sales that these powerhouses are posting. Principle officers for the companies, however, stressed that it is product line diversification, acquisitions, ongoing

PrintXcel, a Quality Park brand, Englewood, Colo., recently announced the availability of unbranded versions of its marketing brochures, available in quantities ranging from 250 to 500.  The high-color, professionally designed brochures focus on key markets such as health-care, education and automotive. Product-focused pieces for mailing solutions, print communications, VersaSeal and security features are also included. "These materials are in high demand because distributors are looking for professional and effective ways to inform end-users of the products and services that they provide," said Deanna Day, brand manager. "We have always provided personalized collateral, but usually in much higher quantities. We think that providing smaller quantities

Envelope manufacturers place focus on service to improve customer and distributor experience. According to Steve Brocker, vice president of sales and marketing at Western States Envelope and Label, Butler, Wis., the envelope industry is evolving from being product-focused to being more service-oriented. "We want to give customers the buying experience they want, as well as be an information resource for distributors," he said. Consistent with the growing emphasis on service, Ron Pollock, associate marketing development manager at Wisco (a Quality Park brand), Tullahoma, Tenn., said that the company's delivery times have been shortened. "A number of our printed items are now available within 48

Global DocuGraphiX (GDX), Lincolnshire, Ill., awarded three Quality Park brands--PrintXcel, Wisco and Discount Labels--Vendor of the Year awards for their product lines during GDX's 2005 Annual Sales Meeting and Vendor Exhibit, held in Amelia Island, Fla. For the third consecutive year, PrintXcel earned the Vendor of the Year for Traditional Documents award, Wisco received the Vendor of the Year for Envelopes for the second year, and Discount Labels was awarded the Vendor of the Year for Labels award--giving Quality Park, Englewood, Colo., the Triple Crown title. Bob Lytle, vice president of regional sales for PrintXcel, said, "We are honored to receive these

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