Raynham, Massachusetts

Elise Hacking Carr is editor-in-chief/content director for Print+Promo magazine.

Let’s face the facts—some people have mastered the art of organization better than others.

For every immaculate space, there is a messy bedroom, a cluttered storefront or an unnavigable warehouse. And, yes, your cube mate has a desk; you just can’t see it because it’s buried under a mountain of paperwork.

Are you tired of the messy residue left behind after painting? If you want to protect your product and workspace, this month's mystery product can help.

Raynham, Massachusetts-based RNR Plastics introduced custom, self-adhesive vinyl pockets, pouches, envelopes and sleeves fabricated to exact end-user requirements for protecting, displaying and storing a variety of items. Made from clear and colored PVC in sizes ranging from 1⁄2x1" up to 24x36", the products are available in various thicknesses. Options include permanent, repositionable and specialty adhesives, as well as die-cut thumb notches, windows, punched holes and printing. Featuring a heavy, six-gauge PVC back with a 90 lb. release liner, the self-adhesive vinyl pockets are supplied on sheets and individually cut. Applications include P.O.P. displays with changing messages, business card affixing, CD/DVDs and instruction manuals, labeling,

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