Richmond, Virginia

Drytac, an international manufacturer of adhesive-coated products and graphics finishing equipment and supplies, has signed a formal agreement with Advanced Finishing Technologies/Digital2You to sell its UV liquid coating division, including UV coaters and UV liquid coatings. The sale is a direct result of a recent corporate review during which Drytac decided to shift its business strategy.

When it comes to direct mail, design is pretty important.

The message may be in the words, but the design is the voice that gets the point across. A good design adds flare, makes things easier to read and promotes the company or organization's most important information. If the design adds those things, a business is likely looking at higher response rates.

Richmond, Virginia-based Colortree has introduced the Transformailer, a full-color, personalized letter package that transforms into a complete cross media marketing campaign. Available exclusively to the trade through Colortree Marketing Resources, the Transformailer offers print distributors and agencies the opportunity to sell high-quality direct mail and cross media marketing campaigns of 5,000 or fewer pieces.

"Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes."

Benjamin Franklin was obviously on to something. Taxes have and will never go away, but that's good news for companies selling tax forms, software and reporting tools.

The Richmond, Virginia-based Colortree recently launched The site is driven by customer feedback and input; Colortree will continue to solicit comments through blogs and other online tools.

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