Sharon, Pa.

With the installation of a Mailcrafters Edge Series 9800 inserting system, Victor Printing, Sharon, Pa., now offers all of the mailing services necessary for fulfillment including CASS Certification, barcode encoding and sorting. The 9800 automatically collates, stuffs, seals and stacks envelopes to yield a finished product ready for mailing. Maximum configurations are six insert stations, 6x9" finished insert size, 1/4" finished insert thickness and 6-1/2x91/2" envelopes. In addition, Victor Printing has announced the installation of an Apple Xserve RAID storage system that combines leading-edge technologies in a 3U rack for a powerful data storage ideal for protecting the company's high-performance data. For more information, call (800) 443-2845.

With the installation of the K2 UV Coater and a new SEAL 60 laminator, Victor Printing, Sharon, Pa., helps distributors meet delivery deadlines more efficiently by keeping finishing tasks in-house. The K2 UV Coater has the ability to apply a high-gloss finish to any weight of coated stock. It also protects the ink from smudging and smearing, can handle up to 17-1/2 x 22-1/2" sheets and dries instantly. "The K2 UV Coater is an excellent choice for Victor and our distributors," said Sharon Bieganski, marketing director. "If you've never seen a UV coated job, the finish is comparable to laminate, but UV coating is less expensive."

Victor Printing, Sharon, Pa., recently installed a KPG DirectPress 5034 DI to demonstrate the company's commitment to enhancing its printing capabilities. The new DirectPress 5034 is a four-color, waterless, offset printing system that eliminates the time and expense of producing conventional film and plates. Files are imaged onto plates already mounted on the cylinders, resulting in lithographic printing at a substantial savings in cost and time. "We decided to purchase the system because direct image printing allows us to offer more competitive pricing on short- to medium- run four-color jobs," said Bill Richards, partner. Direct image printing is compatible with documents that measure up to 13x18Ëť. Established in

Online ordering, online proofing and variable data bring newness to commercial printing products. Identifying what is new in the commercial printing arena can be a difficult task. As a product niche that covers everything from splashy marketing brochures and booklets to image-heavy point-of-purchase displays and postcards, commercial printing is typically versatile and often looks new with every application. But, there is a significant change occurring in commercial printing that brings newness to high-quality product production. Quick and Easy According to Terry Richards, president of Victor Printing, Sharon, Pa., the newest trends in commercial printing products are how they're ordered, how they're proofed

In order to keep ahead of its digital prepress file demand, Victor Printing, Sharon, Pa., has updated its prepress technology and added state-of-the-art equipment to its collection. "Victor Printing, and more importantly our distributors, will benefit from enhanced print quality and increased throughput within the prepress department and on press, specifically in the make-ready time," said Marketing Director Sharon Bieganski in a recent press release. Victor Printing has installed all new Dell servers, a workflow system upgrade and a PlateRite 4300 CTP system, which directly produces plates from computer workstations—eliminating the need for film. For more information, call (800) 443-2845.

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