South America

Nichole Stella is group president/publishing director of Promo Marketing Media Group, which consists of Print+Promo, Promo Marketing and NonProfitPro.

We have never been as globally connected as we are today. It has become a simple fact of life that when something happens overseas the ripple effect quickly impacts the value of our money, the quality of our investments and all angles of our businesses.

Online printing used to be for the few, the wealthy, the proud. But, because it's gotten less expensive it has opened the door for others, the little guys, to get into the game.

Edwards Brothers, Inc. announced the formation of a print partnership with market leaders in digital print technology to provide publishers with a one-stop print solution for printing around the globe.

As a market leader for workflow solutions for the publishing and printing industry, ppi Media, a subsidiary of manroland, will increase its sales activities significantly in South America during 2011.

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